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Tram sex maniac 2 (H) rar bag19
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delv published in(发表于) 2013/8/24 1:55:46 Edit(编辑)
Kuso 2013 collection

Kuso 2013 collection(2013网络恶搞集合)

1、Different Angle of view, different feelings,Male leading role feet very comfortable in

your eyes, but in Male leading role' eyes......

2、children's difference so big at before term begins and after term begins ?

3、So miserable game players in China,the picture meaning: The girl: My English 8,Japanese

Level,German secondary, Are you? The man: My warcraft level 85, DOTA25 level, diablo level

99...... The girl: byebye.


4、Facial remaining calm not to violent jump,No hurry,treat with indifference。

inexorable doom......(劫数啊......)

5、Any time don't ignore the child's curiosity。

6、The child's motto: don't read, how to feed The woman of the future

7、Yao Ming

8、China's aunt

9、Tell you, what is sex is zero.


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