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372 酒色赋---莫言 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)酒色赋---莫言2018/9/28 23:44:15521
354 又一个小三被按在街上扒衣服 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)又一个小三被按在街上扒衣服,听口音是河南的2018/8/26 1:04:12870
352 Dance with death Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)Dance with death(与死神共舞)2018/1/23 9:21:322230
351 The real death came. Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)The real death came.(现实版死神来了)2018/1/18 0:40:242600
350 穿针引线,我有绝招 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)穿针难不难?我有巧招!2018/1/13 1:42:262090
348 让人笑岔气的国产抗日神剧! Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)让人笑岔气的国产抗日神剧!---你是来搞笑滴吗?2017/12/20 6:55:312500
345 最新洗脑神曲---单身狗之歌 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)最新洗脑神曲---单身狗之歌2017/12/5 2:30:523270
338 修路的窍门 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)为什么有些马路修好又挖开,挖开又修好?2017/11/21 2:19:163030
337 The happiest job in China Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)The happiest job in China(中国最幸福的职业)2017/11/6 3:58:402910
323 中国人都是爷爷 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)中国人都是爷爷2017/9/3 5:41:012870
321 偷看百位女子洗澡,说是搞研究 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)偷看百位女子洗澡,说是搞研究!2017/8/28 19:17:322340
318 I have to learn to draw Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)I have to learn to draw(我要学画画)2017/8/23 1:05:282710
317 遇到碰瓷咋办? Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)遇到碰瓷咋办?教你一招。。。。。。2017/8/22 12:18:552060
312 How much is this breast? ...... No, how much is the car? Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)How much is this breast? ...... No, how much is the car?(这奶多少钱?……不,这车多少钱?)2017/7/15 21:12:542470
308 Drive an administrative law enforcement car, steal watermelon Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)Drive an administrative law enforcement car, steal watermelon(开着行政执法的车,偷西瓜,哈哈哈)2017/7/12 21:11:202480
305 德牧看到二哈占了主人的椅子,为主人打抱不平 Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)德牧看到二哈占了主人的椅子,为主人打抱不平2017/7/11 22:11:152590
298 Happy Dragon Boat Festival Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)Happy Dragon Boat Festival(祝大家端午节快乐,福利发放中……)2017/5/30 4:51:272560
283 Elder sister, please don't sing Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)Elder sister, please don't sing(大姐,求你别唱了)2016/12/24 22:10:143570
282 Merry Christmas Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)Merry Christmas(圣诞快乐)2016/12/24 22:07:343270
277 The Japanese explain how big devil king zhang yining play cry “of the doll“ ai fukuhara Funny Gags(幽默搞笑)The Japanese explain how big devil king zhang yining play cry “of the doll“ ai fukuhara(日本人解说大魔王张怡宁打哭萌娃福原爱)2016/8/18 2:47:594310
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