Upload software no matter size a can get 5 points, please set download points. By other users download each one, will deduct the score, increased to the uploader account. By bandwidth limitations, please don't upload more than 20 M files. Other: this website to download the software to only do all the test of use, such as a copyright disputes in connection, this website is not responsible for it.(上传软件不论大小一个可以获得5积分,请自己设定下载所需要的分值。每被其他用户下载一次,会扣除相应的分值,增加到上传者的帐户里。受带宽限制,请不要上传大于20M的文件。另:本网站所有下载软件只做测试之用,如有版权相关的纠纷,本网站概不负责.)

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