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delv published in(发表于) 2014/10/14 6:01:39 Edit(编辑)
Teach you how to identify the pseudo health food in China

Teach you how to identify the pseudo health food in China

1.whole-wheat bread≠Whole grains

Whole wheat bread is more conducive to health is known to all, because it is rich in fibre, cleaning intestinal garbage can help the human body, slow down digestion and absorption, to prevent obesity. Now a lot of places can find whole wheat bread, but if a look at the ingredients will be found that the real whole wheat bread is very little. The real whole wheat bread is out with no outside bran and wheat germ of whole wheat flour production, color is a little brown, naked eye can see a lot of small grain of wheat bran, quality of a material is rough, but with fragrance. Tip: be sure to see enough of the wheat bran fragments, is to make sure the whole wheat bread, but the taste is really a bit thick.

2.Cold Tofu With Japanese Dressing ≠ bean curd

Tofu is a to get the high quality protein, another is to obtain large amounts of calcium, but the two have very little in the Japanese tofu, although the taste is very tender, also get rid of the traditional tofu slightly bitter taste. And our traditional tofu is made from plaster and brine, is rich in calcium and magnesium, lactone tofu is made from glucose acid lactone solidifier, calcium or magnesium. Many people think that the Japanese tofu tofu is produced in Japan, Japanese goods appear fine, tofu is, however, between the imitation of our traditional skills, also very is all the most traditional.

3.Fruit vinegar beverage≠fruit vinegar

Fruit vinegar, fruit vinegar drinks nowadays more and more accepted by consumers. But people are often very easy to fruit vinegar confused with the concept of fruit vinegar beverage. Fruit vinegar is a grape, apple and other fruit as raw material, through fermentation to produce more than 5% of acetic acid content, it helps with digestion, promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, etc. Can add in fruit juice or fruit vinegar drinks is pigment, essence, such as sweeteners, deployment and become, the acetic acid content is generally far less than 5%, and nutrition for few and far between.


Eat popcorn you worry about the problem of lead in childhood, and popcorn in fact problems instead more serious now. Large amounts of additives are trans fatty acids, for cardiovascular adverse. And essence in the process of making popcorn can contain the material of a kind of diacetyl, if not in the production of popcorn workers, often eat to add flavor popcorn, may also cause a disease known as "popcorn lung". The symptoms of the disease is the cough and shortness of breath, lung stimulus is very big to the human body.

5.Chocolate≠black chocolate

Nowadays some people say that dark chocolate is helpful to human body, so a lot of people go to deliberately choose dark chocolate, but our country present chocolate candy as high as 50%, most of cocoa. But the real chocolate an indication, most customers usually is not so easy to accept. So will join cocoa butter, cocoa butter has a wonderful taste, very fragrant slides, its content is higher, the taste of chocolate is more feminine. But on the market a lot of choice is the generation of cocoa butter, a lot of cost reduction, can do it very lubrication on palate, it is a pity that there is no nutritional value, but also contain trans fats.

6.fruit juice beverage≠fruit juice

Juice belongs to Freshly squeezed or is 100% pure fruit juice. While most of the fruit juice drink juice have additive, and fruit juice is insufficient,Rich fruit taste is not enough,Then only by essence to make it full of fruit,Added some pigment looks beautiful, but also to join all kinds of sweeteners, adjust the acidity, let him more perfectly. But here the nutrition far from it compared with pure fruit juice.

7.dairy drinks≠acidophilus milk

The two actually better distinguish, lactic acid beverage, labeled on the packaging of goods, behind will have a fine print some drinks two words, see the ingredients you will see the first item is water and the second is the milk, then a sugar, citric acid, etc. Include some milk should contain nutrients also is very low, but also add a lot of ingredients. Such as strawberry, use the strawberry flavor, color, use what carmine deployment. Although such drinks than carbonated drinks is better, but no promoting effect to health.

8.Oatmeal ≠Oatmeal

Many people think cereal is oatmeal, actually this hidden inside merchant's issue. Pure with oats oats grain of rolling, the shape is more complete, and some are through fast food processing instant oatmeal some scattered broken feeling, but still can see its original shape. Oats cooked porridge are also highly viscous, which is brought about by the health properties of glucan, oats fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar, high satiety is brought by it. And now sell some "cereal" or "nutrition cereal" is a mixture of grain, such as wheat, rice, etc., and it will also join maltodextrin, cream, etc., lower nutritional value will also improve blood sugar to rise speed, Is not conducive to cardiovascular health.


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