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Arbitration of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the South China Sea would lead China and the United States military operations

Arbitration of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the South China Sea would lead China and the United States military operations(中国外交部回应南海仲裁会否导致中国和美国军事行动)



Arbitration of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to the South China Sea would lead China and the United States | sea arbitration _ military operations news

Land generous at a regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman

  Q: it has come to our attention, South China Sea yesterday after the arbitral tribunal to announce the outcome of arbitration, individual countries in public, think that this arbitration was "legally binding", China should be performed, otherwise it is a violation of international law. Approval of the Chinese Government have said?

A: yesterday, requested by the Philippine Government unilaterally established the so-called South China Sea Arbitration Tribunal announced the so-called arbitration results, by the way, now we all know that it is also financed by the Philippine Government pays, some have openly expressed their views. We have to thank those countries that endorse China's stance and propositions. Of course, we also note, there are three or four States despite the impartiality of members of the majority of the international community, still advocates the so-called arbitration results have "legally binding", also claimed that the insistence of the so-called arbitration "in accordance with international law."

Chinese Government and China's Foreign Ministry yesterday issued two statements, the Chinese Government published a white paper has more complete and systematically expounded China's position on the so-called sea arbitration case. I shall not repeat them. I know a lot of journalists have attended Scio press conference this morning and heard Liu Zhenmin, Deputy Minister of information. At this point, I was only three or four of these countries are holding the so-called "arbitration in conformity with international law," a statement, a few observations:

First, it has come to our attention, since the Chinese side reminds of "seven or eight countries on behalf of the international community", all in these countries in their statement not to the "international community" itself. This is good.

Second, we note that these countries face the majority of the international community supports China's position on the fact that members from various angles, still talking to myself that this unlawful Tribunal concluded with "legally binding". This should not be.

Third, I want to stress is that China is upholding the dignity and seriousness of international law, we will not agree to illicit illegal conclusion of the arbitral "legally binding" this bizarre aberration.

China repeatedly pointed out that matters referred to arbitration by the former Government in the Philippines, involved disputes over territorial sovereignty, not under the United Nations Convention on the law of the jurisdiction. This is an express requirement of the Convention. If these countries honest about international law, they should face up to the original meaning of the Convention.

China repeatedly pointed out that arbitration matters raised by the Philippine Government, if it involves Division of maritime rights and interests, the Chinese Government under the article No. 298 of the Convention, made a reservation to exclude jurisdiction. Here, I must stress that made such a declaration of exclusion, not only in China, but there are dozens of countries. Like, Council 5 a permanent members in the, except 1 a national to now also no joined Convention, left of 4 a all made has excluded jurisdiction statement; again like, had in sea problem Shang criticism China of seven country group members in the, except 1 a national to now also no joined Convention, left of 6 a members in the, has 4 a also according to No. 298 article do has retained. We believe that all these reservations, and it is part of the integrity of the Convention. So we hope that the countries concerned if honest law, you should answer "the validity of reservations" the problem.

We are sincerely listen to reason. We hope that the above four countries if it is honest with the international law, can also be said more clearly. We want them to be able to work with China, as with most members of the international community, international law seriously, rather than using international law as child's play, much less by distorting international law, selective abuse of international law for their own ulterior political purpose.

 Q: yesterday the Philippine arbitration decision of the arbitral tribunal referred to in the South China Sea, China especially in the Nansha Islands Coral Reef ecological cause irreparable damage to the environment. How do you respond?

Answer: first of all, the Chinese side does not accept, does not recognize the so-called conclusion of the Arbitration Tribunal. On your specific question, we actually have been answered before. China's South China Sea Islands, including the sovereignty of the Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters is undeniable, China more than any other country concerned with related areas of ecology and the environment, and we take a lot of measures to protect the area's ecology and environment, specific situations, please see China has published the information.

  Q: Philippines sea arbitration case after the results were announced, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, arbitration case law in the South China Sea and the entities of the United Nations does not stand on the issue. Comment on this?

A: we note that the relevant Secretary-General's Office said. China is a responsible member of the international community, is an important advocate for advancing the international rule of law and of the United Nations devoted practitioner. China does not accept, does not participate in unilateral arbitration case brought by the former Government of the Philippines, not to recognize this unlawful decision has sufficient legal basis. China is not only to safeguard their legitimate rights, but also in defence of international law and basic norms governing international relations, and uphold the principle of fairness and justice will be the world's understanding and support of countries and organizations. China will, as always, adhere to the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, firmly safeguard China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests on the basis of, stick with the directly interested parties, on the basis of respecting historical facts and international law, and peaceful settlement of disputes through negotiation and consultation.

 Q: India is also in the South China Sea the stance to the arbitration ruling, requires parties to the dispute by peaceful means rather than the use or threat of use of force to solve the dispute, maximum respect for the verdict. How do you respond to the Chinese side?

A: China's position on the so-called South China Sea arbitration cases I think we have been very clear. So far, some Governments issued a public statement, arguing that under international law, here is about to be complete and accurate according to international law, including the United Nations Convention on the law of, settlement of the issue through peaceful negotiations, I want this position with the Chinese Government's position is entirely consistent.

 Q: Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said at a press conference this morning, former Philippine Government bribes to judges of the Court of arbitration, but gave no more details. Do you think before the Philippine Government to bribe the arbitral tribunal ruled in favour of the Philippines?

A: we have already said, the arbitral tribunal was first established on no legal basis, is unlawful. It did in the past two or three years there were many suspicious circumstances. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said when answering a reporter's question in the morning: the arbitral tribunal is not an International Tribunal, nothing to do with the International Court in the Hague, the United Nations system. International Court of Justice, judges of the Tribunal and their remuneration, salaries are paid for by the United Nations in order to ensure their independence and impartiality. The five judges was to make money, money earned is the Philippines, they are paid services. I think clear the situation is meaningful.

 Q: according to reports, the United States and Japan are pushing the United Nations Security Council issued a presidential press statement, condemning North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile in the near future. Do you support?

Answer: on the issue of North Korea's ballistic missile launches, we have repeatedly said that position.

I would like to emphasize that the peninsula situation is complex and sensitive, the parties concerned should do more to contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability in the region, and not for selfish interests, damages the security interests of other countries, undermine regional strategic balance and could lead to escalation of tensions in the region.

  Question: we know that Kazakhstan first Sagintayev, Deputy Prime Minister is visiting China. Please explain the specific circumstances of access. Both sides have achieved concrete results?

A: Chinese Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr Zhang gaoli, invitation, Kazakhstan first Sagintayev, Deputy Prime Minister on a working visit to China from July 12 to 13th. Yesterday, Zhang gaoli Sagintayev, Deputy Prime Minister both President of the China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Committee meetings were held.

Both sides agreed that the strategy of speeding up the development of the two countries butted and jointly promote the Silk Road, the construction of the economic zone and promote the development of bilateral relations.

Both sorts out the progress since the seventh meeting of the China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Committee, discussed in their capacity, energy, finance and investment, trade, agriculture, interconnection and cooperation in the cultural field. Both sides were satisfied with the outcome of the development of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership.

 Q: as a permanent member of the Security Council, China did not accept the ruling attitude consistent with the image of the country internationally accepted it?

Answer: it seems that a few days ago I spoke of Kyodo news reporters are not available or did not hear. I have already said, seven or eight countries on behalf of the international community. Some people may not be accustomed to the international community itself, but for now at least in China after the reminder, they are no longer used in the international community come from UN-Habitat.

As far as permanent members, as are the permanent members to accept such an illegal thing? I can tell you, not only permanent, no country should accept no illegal stuff.

  Q: Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said this morning, the South China Sea Islands are Chinese territory, so the Chinese side has the right to at any time designated sea air defense identification zone, it also said the Chinese side has the right to in India has designated air defense identification zone where territorial disputes?

Answer: first of all, I would like to remind, you say the first sentence, no complete and accurate reflection of the Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said. He articulates the yesterday, today we published the white paper and the Chinese Government and the Chinese Foreign Ministry in a statement issued two opinions, interests of China in the South China Sea, where there are clear, accurate descriptions.

You mentioned the issue of the air defense identification zone, we have held numerous positions described. This is any act of the sovereignty of a sovereign State. But whether there is a need to establish, depending on our situation judgment, in particular the relevant airspace security situation judgment.

 Q: the United States called on China to respect the results of decisions, how do you respond to the Chinese side?

Answer: the us yesterday by the responses we had hanging on the website of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can take a look. Fundamentally, we believe that this is an illegal decision, we also hope that a few persistent claims the ruling "legally binding" countries can respect the wishes of the majority of the international community, not the thing doing in violation of international law in the name of international law.

  Q: does China believe that the verdict of the International Court of arbitration will lead to tensions in the region? Whether China and the United States of military action?

A: I want to correct a wrong way, it is not a "global" Tribunal, it should just unilaterally called for the establishment of the Philippine Government's illegal Tribunal. As you said after the result, do you worry that the tensions in the region or military action, I can tell you that China does not want tension in this area under any circumstances, does not want military confrontation in the region, and that China wants a peaceful external environment, stability, security and prosperity. This is also the common aspiration of all countries in the region. Still, together with countries in the region to work together to maintain peace, stability and security in the region. We also hope that foreign countries to respect the efforts of countries in the region, not rendering, creating tension.

 Q: the law is developed for most, if not supported by the majority of the international community on China's position, the Chinese side will do?

A: I would first emphasize is that China's position was based on whether it is legal or not legal. Right from the beginning, we showed that the position three years ago, this Tribunal is illegal. Actually you also noted that we don't want to turn this problem into an international issue, is related to the State was trying to get into an international issue. But practice shows that as the situation evolves, more and more countries recognize the truth, indeed the most States endorsed China's position that a realistic situation.

  Asked: it is reported that Korea China's Defense Ministry this afternoon announced the US-South Korea deployed "Sade" anti-missile system site results. What comment do you have? It will take counter measures?

A: we have repeatedly shown that principled stand. South Korea deployed "Sade" anti-missile system seriously undermine regional strategic balance, severely damaged national strategic security interests in the region, including China, runs counter to the efforts and maintain peace and stability on the peninsula.

China firmly opposes the United States and South Korea in Korea deployment "Sade" anti-missile system, strongly urged South Korea to stop the process. China will firmly take the necessary measures to safeguard their own interests.

Responsible editor: Kun Qu SN117

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