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China: South China Sea Arbitration Tribunal judges earn money in the Philippines, providing paid services

China: South China Sea Arbitration Tribunal judges earn money in the Philippines, providing paid services(中方:南海仲裁庭法官挣菲律宾钱,提供有偿服务)



China: South China Sea Arbitration Tribunal judges earn money reimbursement for the services provided in the Philippines | | | Philippines on arbitration _ the South China Sea news

China's State Council information office today (13th) published the China adheres to a negotiated solution to China's white paper related to the dispute with the Philippines in the South China Sea. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin attended the press conference, white paper the situation in the South China Sea and China's stance on the issue and answering reporters ' questions. Liu Zhenmin made clear that the arbitral tribunal is not a court, arbitral tribunal's decision was illegal, null and void.

  Unrelated to the arbitral tribunal and the International Court of

At the press conference, Liu began to lift the veil of the arbitral tribunal. He pointed out that sea the arbitral tribunal is not an International Tribunal, nothing to do with the International Court in the Hague, the United Nations system, and in Germany to some extent the International Tribunal in Hamburg, but it is not part of the Tribunal. And the Permanent Court of arbitration in the Hague (PCA) nor a systematic, relevant, why do you say that? As the Permanent Court of arbitration to the Secretariat of the Tribunal provided the service, only this. The arbitral tribunal in the trial used the lobby of the Permanent Court of arbitration, and only this. Arbitral tribunal is not an International Tribunal, which please note.

In fact, this is the Arbitration Tribunal for the Philippines a unilateral arbitration and the provisional body. Liu pointed out that the composition of the Arbitration Tribunal in fact political manipulation of the results.

CCTV journalists

  The arbitral tribunal's cronies manipulated by Abe

From the members of the Arbitration Tribunal, Liu pointed out that the South China Sea the arbitral tribunal consists of 5 arbitrators, except the Philippines ' own arbitrator, namely from Germany Professor Wolfrum, 4 other arbitrators are by an International Tribunal when he was President, Japan specified by the citizenship judge, Shunji Yanai. Yanai, Shunji is the judges of the International Tribunal, but he is also a Japan security rule of law, President of the forum for the Abe Government, he assisted Abe to lift collective self-defense, he was also a Japan resident United States Ambassador. Message shows that the composition of the Arbitration Tribunal is completely his, but also in the functioning of the arbitral process, he is still influencing.

  Arbitrators to make money in the Philippines providing paid services

Liu Zhenmin also said that the operation of the Tribunal is very interesting, the five arbitrators was to make money, money earned is the Philippines, may have other people give them money, it is not clear, they are paid services. So, in this case is the first since the entry into force of the United Nations Convention pursuant to the Convention (annex VII) establishment of ad hoc arbitration tribunal, but the Tribunal's operation beyond when the makers of the Convention looks forward to and expect, has created a very bad precedent.

"Last year, I also talked about a Word, this arbitration case could become an infamous case in international history. The arbitral tribunal also proves that compulsory arbitration procedures difficult to succeed, the arbitral tribunal failed. Such arbitral award effective force? Do you have any credibility? It just you? Some countries said that the ruling is binding for concerned parties to implement, this is baloney. So there is no credible award, who will perform? "Liu asked.

Liu Zhenmin (right) answer to a question

Don't cradle of war into the South China Sea

A reporter's question, following the arbitration award, and whether China would send more military equipment to the South China Sea or military facilities, will set up air defense identification zone in the South China Sea?

In this regard, Liu pointed out, there is a country send a large aircraft carrier fleet in the South China Sea activities. He said after the arbitration, ruled by the Chinese Government position is very clear. "Because it was a piece of waste paper, can't be enforced, I hope you keep this ruling in the wastepaper basket or put it on the shelf, to leave it out of the archives. "Liu Zhenmin said," will designate the South China Sea the air defense identification zone, first of all, we have to say clearly is that China has this right. China in the East China Sea, in the South China Sea is needed, according to the degree of threat over us. If our security is threatened, is entitled to, depending on our judgement. ”

Liu Zhenmin, said threatening China hopes that other countries will not take the opportunity to work together to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, do not turn the sea into a war began. China's goal is to the South China Sea to be "peaceful sea" and "sea of friendship", "sea of cooperation."

If someone implemented waste paper, China will take the necessary means to

To a reporter's question, if some countries insist on the implementation of this piece of paper, how do you respond? In this regard, Liu Zhenmin said the verdict is a piece of paper, not binding is invalid. "Who's going to want to try, in accordance with the decision to carry, to carry out their actions, I think that would be a new wrongful acts, the Chinese Government will take the necessary means to stop them. ”

Liu also pointed out that China adheres to a negotiated solution, but don't expect to in accordance with the decision to hold talks. In accordance with the decision to negotiate, then China will not talk with him. Liu Zhenmin remind friends of the Philippines recognizes that, if the Philippines is determined not to return to the negotiating table, Sino-Philippine relations will certainly be affected, the current situation is very difficult to change.

Philippines is the community of destiny, through arbitration after the storm looks forward to fine

Finally, in reply to a reporter's question, Liu Zhenmin also Typhoon as an example to describe Sino-Philippine relations, the Philippines suffered more typhoons a year, but these soon after the Typhoon the Philippines may be blow to Taiwan and Southeast China, "so we are a sense of common destiny, common destiny is to natural disasters. "Liu Zhenmin said.

Duteerte after taking office, the new President of the Philippines, in the South China Sea issue, in response to arbitration issues to make a positive statement, Liu Zhenming said the Chinese side welcomes this, "hope that the relations between China and the Philippines will return to the track of a negotiated settlement of the dispute, and also for Sino-Philippine relations manoeuvre, and create better conditions for strengthening bilateral cooperation. I think, after this arbitration case after the storm, the storm, and we hope that the day will soon come. "Liu Zhenmin said.

  White paper: Philippines controversy in Philippines is the core problem of illegal occupation of Chinese territory produced by island

The white paper consists of five chapters and a total of more than 20,000 words, including South China Sea Islands are Chinese territory, Philippine Sea-related disputes in origin, the Philippines has reached on solving the dispute of South China Sea consensus led to complicate the dispute, the Philippines has repeatedly taken action, China's South China Sea policy, and so on. Restore Philippine South China Sea disputes the truth of the white paper reiterated China's consistent position and policy on the South China Sea issue.

White paper pointed out that Philippine Sea in the core of the dispute is the Philippines resulting from the illegal occupation of part of the reef in the Nansha Islands China territory.

Responsible editor: Zheng Hanxing

Article keywords:
South China Sea arbitration in the Philippines

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