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published in(发表于) 2016/7/13 8:21:19 Edit(编辑)
Illegal occupation of China in the Philippines Spratlys 8 islets

Illegal occupation of China in the Philippines Spratlys 8 islets(菲律宾非法侵占中国南沙群岛8个岛礁)



Illegal occupation of China in the Philippines | Spratly | 8 reef in the Nansha Islands Sea Arbitration _ news

For many years, according to Xinhua, the Philippines and Viet Nam have been extension of reef in South China Sea waters new facilities or reclamation "island" to strengthen the illegal occupation, sovereignty claims, or claims an exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf. Recently, the Xinhua News Agency reporter of Filipino illegal extensions and "island" conducted interviews and research.

Philippines: illegal occupation continued expansion

Since the 70 's of last century, in violation of the Philippines, including the Charter of the United Nations international law and basic norms governing international relations, illegal appropriation of the Spratly Islands, China's Ma Huandao, Feixindao, zhongye Island, Beizidao, South keys Island, West tsukishima, a double yellow shoal and reef, Commander 8 Islands. In addition, Philip love Reef and shoal attempted occupation of China.

For years, illegal appropriation of Islands and reefs in the Philippines continue to build on the new expansion Island facilities, deploying weaponry.

Zhongye Island, for example, in May 2015, the Philippine military has organized a group of journalists visited the island. Quoted by the Philippine Star newspaper reporter described an account of the landing, has been built on zhongye island in the Philippines Office, dozens of houses, an airport runway, also set two 40 mm anti-aircraft guns on the track side, central peak of the island built a roughly 4-storey high observation posts. In addition, the Medical Center also has a camp on the island, and the simple terminals stationed dozens of Filipino soldiers. The Philippine side sending tankers to transport on the island once every 3 months supply.

Island residents described the Philippine Government a month to each family to provide 16 kilograms of rice, canned food and noodles, attracts Filipino people moved to this to strengthen their so-called "sovereignty claim." Due to the supply capacity constraints in the Philippines, currently living on the island about 200 people, including civilians up to 110 people.

Between 2003 to 2005, the Philippine military on zhongye Island Airport runway maintenance, total from sea erosion in the Western segment of the airport reclamation 854 square meters.

Not long ago, in the Philippines, "bumbling" claim construction zhongye island at the same time, also sent transport aircraft deliveries of large quantities of supplies to zhongye Island, zhongye Island Airport upgrading project.

In addition, the Philippines also zhongye Island, Ma Huandao and Feixindao reef-building, such as the so-called tourist facilities.

Viet Nam: land reclamation scale

Viet Nam in its illegal occupation of the Islands and reefs of South China Sea reclamation began earlier. According to media reports, Viet Nam in the early 890 had already begun reclamation activities, and have grown markedly over recent years.

At present, Viet Nam has more than more than 20 Islands in South China Sea reclamation land. Viet Nam in reef construction on Harbour, airport runways, missile positions, offices, barracks, hotels, large fixed installations, such as the lighthouse, Wan Beach, XI Wei Tan, Lee junki Beach, Ao Nang at Shoal building more stilt houses and facilities such as a helicopter platform.

May 2016, United States wisdom library "strategy and international problem Research Center" of "Asia maritime transparency initiative" project published report said, satellite photos evidence showed that, Viet Nam at least on Spratly Islands its occupy of 10 a Island Reef has fill sea made to behavior, new area about 120 acres (about 48.56 hectares), main concentrated in nanweidao, and West Reef and Sin Cowe Island,, which most fill sea engineering is in recently two years in the carried out of.

Specifically, the nanweidao is Viet Nam as its illegal occupation of Nansha "military command center" and "administrative center" key construction, Viet Nam in the nanweidao area of reclaimed land is now up to 37.19 acres (15 hectares), troops were stationed on the island, also has a camp.

April 2015 and May present, Viet Nam to large airports and port expansion nanweidao, taken at the northeast side of nanweidao "fill-while-dig" approach to construction of artificial Basin project, including mining large basin, construction of breakwaters, and the mining of coral sand shipped to the southwest side airport reclamation.

In key West, Viet Nam in 1994 on the construction of the lighthouse and some military facilities, starting in 2011 and the new reef building, large-scale reclamation and construction of military facilities. United States think-tank, according to satellite images and statistics, as of April 2016, Viet Nam in the key West area has reached 70.5 acres (about 28.5 hectares), is West of the original land area of 35 times.

Jinghong Islands, Viet Nam since 2006 started land reclamation, as of March 2016 26.07-acre (10.5 hectares), and built the camp, families and neighborhoods such as better facilities, Sin Cowe Island is the original land area of more than 4 times.

Responsible editor: Qiao Leihua SN098

Article keywords:
South China Sea Spratly Islands to arbitration

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  据新华社电 多年来,菲律宾和越南两国一直在南海相关海域新建扩建岛礁设施或填海“造岛”,以强化非法占据的事实、进行主权声索或主张专属经济区和大陆架。近日,新华社记者对菲越非法扩建和“造岛”情况进行了采访调研。

  菲律宾:非法侵占 不断扩建



  以中业岛为例,2015年5月,菲律宾军方曾组织一批记者登岛参观。《菲律宾星报》援引登岛记者的见闻介绍,菲律宾已在中业岛上修建了办公房、数十栋民 房、一条机场跑道,还在跑道边设置两台40毫米口径高射炮,岛中央最高处建有一座大约4层楼高的观察哨所。此外,岛上还建有军营、医疗中心和简易码头,驻 扎着数十名菲军士兵。菲方派遣运输船每3个月向岛上输送一次补给。





  越南:填海造地 规模扩大



  2016年5月,美国智库“战略与国际问题研究中心”的“亚洲海事透明度倡议”项目发表报告说,卫星照片证据表明,越南至少对南沙群岛其占据的10个岛礁 有填海造地行为,新建面积约120英亩(约48.56公顷),主要集中在南威岛、西礁和景宏岛等,其中大多数填海工程是在最近两年中开展的。





责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098

南沙群岛 南海仲裁


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