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delv published in(发表于) 2016/9/30 9:38:45 Edit(编辑)
BT paradise webmaster, Japan animation subtitle group was caught: what they do

BT paradise webmaster, Japan animation subtitle group was caught: what they do(BT天堂站长、日本动漫字幕组被抓:他们究竟干了啥)



BT paradise webmaster, Japan animation subtitle group was caught: what have they really done-genuine, subtitles, piracy-IT information

Yesterday two news:

-Illegal BT download and magnetic "BT paradise" website Chief Yuan Moufei in Suzhou, Jiangsu Huaian was arrested;

-Two Chinese nationals, "a clear cloudless sky Academy" subtitle group member Japan police on suspicion of illegal infringement of arrests spread anime in Kyoto.

In fact, since one after another, being "thorough reform" of not more than two.

Thought network from "China maximum of digital HD portal website" to became "domestic first network copyright crime"; fast broadcast from content share free platform to Wang Xin recognize "spread obscene materials profit crime"; blue shadow network from P2P movie share website to closed, and transformation for movie since media; 3DM from cracked piracy game started to founder bed and breakfasts Fifi announced will no longer for single game of cracked work......

National Working Group has a comprehensive line of genuine, members include the National Copyright Office, national Office, Ministry of information, Ministry of public security of the Internet, will continue with the second half of this year.

Do BT resource sites are actually doing what?

On above of first article news, according to police survey, BT heaven since June 2015 yilai, website head Yuan Moufei in without authorized of situation Xia, will from Internet Shang collection of 10,000 more than Department involved both at home and abroad television works of BT seed and magnetic links, storage placed in himself is responsible for business and maintenance of "BT heaven", and "Thunder home", and "Thunder Hong Kong" 3 a television download website Shang, for netizens free download play.

The peak, the site daily IP traffic to reach 600,000 pageviews daily PV reaches 3 million.

According to Yuan Moufei, and website related affiliate account and profit model for the adoption of binding site domain name and bank card, advertising, profit within one year more than 900,000 yuan. According to Chinese law, Yuan Moufei alleged crime of copyright infringement.

And in connection with "BT paradise", is used in many film download site BT (BitTorrent) download agreement, a P2P (peer to peer) technology, compared with commonly used HTTP, FTP, PUB and download agreement, BT Protocol to download faster.

When more than one user at the same time when you download a file from the BT server, according to the actual situation of BT technology allows users to download content from the other user's machine. Download file, for example ABC, already downloaded the first part b download the second part, c can be downloaded from a first part, downloaded from the b part II, ease server stress, so BT agreement was subject to popular resources download site.

So people who download and resource providers.

Regardless of the human cost of operation or a server to provide "free downloads" site itself is needed to survive, it will have a different business model, such as advertising, download the bundle, paid members, and so on.

Download site know, sites tend to be large, cheap advertising for the game screen, the most I've ever seen "clean" a resource website also has the following contents:

A BT site

There are also many PT (Private Tracker) resource sharing site, emphasizing the intimate small downloads, users want to download, you must upload (conservation), amount of upload user rights, reach would be kicked out of the party. In fact, it is primarily a play different BT technology, and related Web sites also need advertising revenue to maintain the site.

A known PT website

Once the site is profitable, would constitute a "crime of copyright infringement"-through the subjective intent, and profit.

If some sites for purely non-profit organizations, gathered only as a hobby, transfer of resources. But as the number of resources in the effective delivery of today, the site may also be suspected of a crime, depending on the circumstances, different issues, different judgments.

In fact, Western developed countries in focusing on copyright, P2P download sites there are many pirated resources, they also face a risk of being shut down by law.

In July, two of the world's top 2 BT website Kickass Torrents, Torrentz shut, netizens are not accustomed to use iTunes to download the foreigner a whine.

Top Kickass torrents are sealed

However, BT also have warriors, ranked third (Kickass Torrents, Torrentz is stopped, won the first) the BT Web site the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay) was repeatedly defeated and war: since its establishment 13 years, repeatedly suffered closure crisis, founder Peter Sunde was convicted for 5 months. Not long ago, Sony music, EMI, Warner Music, universal music, and 5 record companies suing Sunde, Sandy said the Pirate Bay pirate music content of more than more than 60 singers, judge Sunde to pay a fine of $ 395,000. But Sunde said he had left the Pirate Bay for 7 years, it is not on his head.

Subtitles also in tort on the wire of struggling

Subtitle groups also use unauthorized content, different is that the subtitle group has provided free translations, friends high in the minds of devotees.

Today news, Japan arrested by police on suspicion of violation of the Copyright Act from "clear and empty Garden" subtitle group, they had been uploaded without permission on the Internet and expose Japan anime:

South District of Yokohama, 30, a company employee: July 31 anime arslaan war record of dust in a flurry as sharing files illegally posted on the Web and sent randomly to the netizens, "was commissioned by the marquee group of friends animation before uploading to the Internet."

20 year old student, Taito-ku, Tokyo: August 18 anime magic girl Fate/kaleid liner Elizabeth ya illegally posted on the Web, "served as subtitles in the subtitle group synthesis work. ”

Subtitle group behavior, such as violations of the right of translation of works, lawyer Raymond Wang had answered in the know call (deletion):

If subtitle Group authorized to access copyright, open sharing of content is hard to reference the copyright law's "fair use" as a reason for exclusion, especially in a number of films and subtitle group ads (their profit purpose), undoubtedly constitute an act of infringement, copyright is held is another matter. Simple to make external subtitles and share you will need to discuss the situation. Subtitles is part of the film, also owns the copyright, including the right to translation. But the subtitle translation and sharing activity is relatively easy to explain as "for private study, research or to admire" the "fair use", although downloads are far-fetched. From the perspective of business practice, copyright essential on the sources focus on the fight against piracy, high tolerance for piracy of the title.

Although the marquee group and some "only for personal learning" "Please download within 24 hours after removing" "does not bear any responsibility" disclaimer, but all these declarations have no legal effect. 09 "Tomato Garden"-related cases, the trial judge said:

"He is required in each version deleted by another user within 24 hours, but now objectively is, many users downloaded the tomato version of the software is not deleted after, continuing in use. It creates a bad influence. That is there are so many people in China are using the Tomato Garden of pirated software, it would be a violation of Microsoft's legal interests. ”

In late 2014 when the network crackdown on pirating and infringement, all television, shooters and other titles have closed, but so far, subtitling group strike is not much, then survive subtitle Group also face money problems--no money, no server.

Elite subtitle Group had cried no money to maintain the server, user's solution is to raise (the following is the elite subtitles group official micro-content):

Our subtitling group now exists the problem of funding crisis, Japan recorded the source server, the Forum server requires a fixed storage and maintenance costs. Forum a few years ago a little advertising and co-operation with aiqi art we have some income, but did not last long, due to various reasons, aiqi art can buy serial drama of copyright, we will break the source of income.

Ching was established more than 10 years, we have also had financial problems, management of its own internal solution. Yesterday, there have been several team members give me the money, really moved, but don't really want to get their money, everyone free to do the subtitles is very hard.

Like Ching referred to by the subtitle group, video sites and genuine cooperation is one of the many sources of funding of the marquee group: YouTube and "gods subtitle group" cooperation over the cartoon, aiqi art from the stars of your transcript from "Korean drama Phoenix Angel" provision. Had the subtitle group members revealed that his website and video subtitles group cooperation, was paid 500 yuan per episode.

These profits means it sounds legitimate, legal but popular touch. But some profit and became the target of the marquee group, is considered to be "true" piracy, such as pig subtitles group not only has ads on the site, also plug in video advertising on Taobao opened the "pig subtitles group around" store for some captioning resource prices.

Pig subtitles group around the shop some products

Indeed, some leaks, do free subtitles subtitles group members are actually paid, some netizens claimed: "I know individual translation of Korean people have the money, a friend of mine did this, like number of 200 pieces. ”

Download the sky above pirating resources

In addition to BT resource sites, captions group, there are large pirate living very nourishing, netizens said, "first Sin entrepreneurs through Internet piracy of music, video, earn money, and started to wash the white, purchased copyrights, began to use legal means to suppress subsequent imitators, establishment of barriers. ”

BT天堂站长、日本动漫字幕组被抓:他们究竟干了啥 - 正版,字幕,盗版 - IT资讯











和涉案的“BT天堂”一样,很多影视作品资源下载网站都采用BT(BitTorrent)下载协议,一种P2P(peer to peer)技术,相较常用的HTTP、FTP、PUB等下载协议,BT协议下载速度更快。






另外还有很多PT(Private Tracker)资源分享网站,强调私密小范围下载,用户想下载,必须上传(保种),上载量决定用户权限,伸手党会被踢出。其实,它本质上还是玩法不一样的BT技术,且相关网站也需要广告收入维系网站。





今年7月,世界排名前2的两家BT网站Kickass Torrents和Torrentz被关停,不习惯使用iTunes下载的老外网友们也是一片哀嚎。

最受欢迎的Kickass torrents被依法查封

不过,BT届也有战士,排名第三(Kickass Torrents和Torrentz被封停后,勇夺第一)的BT网站海盗湾(The Pirate Bay)则是屡败屡战:成立至今13年,多次遭遇关闭危机,创始人Peter Sunde曾被定罪入狱5个月。不久前,索尼音乐、EMI、华纳音乐、环球音乐等5家唱片公司起诉Sunde桑迪,称海盗湾盗版了60多名歌手的音乐内容,法官判定Sunde需支付39.5万美元的罚金。不过Sunde表示自己已经离开海盗湾7年了,这事儿算不到自己头上。





东京都台东区的20岁留学生:8月18日将动漫《Fate/kaleid liner魔法少女伊莉雅》非法上传至网络,“在字幕组中担任字幕合成工作。”

字幕组行为主要侵犯的是作品的翻译权等,律师Raymond Wang曾在知乎上作答称(有删减):














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